In your role as a family caregiver you are likely to experience a wide range of emotions and challenges. One that can be particularly impactful is stress. Caregiver stress is something that more than half of adults who consider themselves caregivers report feeling on a regular basis, and can lead to a variety of potentially serious consequences. These consequences can impact your physical, mental, and emotional health, but can also diminish your quality of life and the level of care that you give your parent. Recognizing that you are experiencing stress is an important step toward finding effective ways to manage and relieve it.

Elderly Care in Johns Creek GA: Caregiver Stress

Elderly Care in Johns Creek GA: Caregiver Stress


Some signs that you might be dealing with stress in your caregiver journey include:

    • Moodiness
    • Becoming easily frustrated
    • Irritability
    • Feeling emotionally or mentally fragile
    • Low energy or fatigue
    • Feeling as though you are overwhelmed by what is happening around you
    • Feeling out of control
    • Headaches
    • Aches and pains
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms
    • Nervousness or anxiety
    • Feeling jumpy
    • Ringing in the ear
    • Shakiness
    • Dry mouth
    • Sweating
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Not being able to sleep
    • Loss of appetite or eating excessively
    • Rapid heartbeat
    • More frequent colds or infections
    • Taking longer to recover from colds or infections


If you are showing signs of stress, it is important to address them promptly. Starting home care for your senior is a fantastic first step in relieving stress and reducing the risk of future stress. Personalized services for your aging parent mean that you do not feel as overwhelmed and can devote more time to other elements of your life, including taking care of yourself.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be extremely meaningful and fulfilling, but it can also be stressful. Trying to manage all of your parent’s needs as well as those of your children, your marriage, your home, your career, and any other obligations can make you feel overwhelmed and as though you are always trying to finish more than you have the time to do. Fortunately, home care can be there for you. An in-home care provider can step in to fill care gaps, manage potentially sensitive tasks that your parent or you are not comfortable with you handling, provide additional support and companionship, and give your parent the personalized services that they need to have the highest quality of life as they age in place. As their caregiver this will ease your stress, give you more time, and allow you to focus on all of the responsibilities of your life in the ways that are right for you and for your parent.


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