Independence and the ability to age at home are important to seniors. What happens if you’re not sure your parents are safe by themselves. Wearable devices offer a level of protection that eases your mind and keeps your parents safe.


Elderly Care in Marietta GA: Senior Independence and Wearable Devices

Elderly Care in Marietta GA: Senior Independence and Wearable Devices


Medic Alert Systems

With medic alert systems, your parents wear a pendant or wrist device that has a simple button. If they need help, they push the button and a specialist answers the call remotely. Your parent talks to the specialist to discuss what’s wrong.

Once a call comes in, the company notifies you and anyone on the emergency contact list. Some issues are minor. You’ll be able to drive over and take care of whatever your parent needs. If it’s an emergency, such as a fall, emergency services are dispatched.

With a medic alert system, there is a monthly fee for monitoring. It’s worthwhile, however, when you have the peace of mind that if anything happens, your parents can easily call for help.


GPS Trackers

If you’re worried about a parent wandering, a GPS tracker is a good idea. There are trackers built into fitness trackers like Fitbit or that slip into shoes. If your parents are the type who often take jewelry or watches off, the shoe inserts are the better idea.

Some medic alert systems include GPS tracking. See how they work. If they require a specific cell tower like AT&T and your mom’s town doesn’t have that tower, the signal may be spotty at times. It’s a good question to ask before you enroll in a service.


You May Need More Than One Device

While a pendant or wristband may offer insight into how often your parent moves, where they are, and if they need help, there are other aspects that may be helpful. A baby monitoring camera can help you check in periodically to make sure your parent is okay.

With a camera, you’ll see your parent is out of bed and moving around. You can check in to see what your parent is doing. There are ways to track activities, monitor for falls, and even see who is at the door.


Senior Care Services Offer a Better Solution

Wearable devices don’t cover one aspect seniors need most. A Fitbit or similar device cannot provide socialization. Caregivers can.

When you hire a caregiver, you have a person coming to your parents’ home on the schedule you choose. That caregiver is there to help out, but he or she also provides friendship. Your parents gain someone to talk to, play games with, or join on outings. Cal a senior care agency to learn more.


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