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Four Tips for Dealing with Limited Mobility

Mobility issues can keep your senior isolated and feeling as if she doesn’t have anywhere to go. It’s vital that you and she develop a plan that helps her to get around as easily as possible without causing either of you stress or pain.


Keep in Mind that Your Senior’s Mood Is Linked to Mobility

If your elderly family member is just now experiencing mobility issues, you might also notice that her mood has plummeted. This happens because her ability to remain as active as she wants to be can greatly influence how she feels about herself and about the world around her. If she’s shorter with you or more irritable than usual, her physical limitations may be playing a part in those reactions.


Do What You Can for the Underlying Issue

Mobility issues that have a cause, such as chronic diseases or injuries, might be ones that you can help to correct. Work with your senior’s medical providers to do what you can for those underlying concerns. As your elderly family member’s health improves, her mobility may also return. It can take time, though, depending on the effects that her illnesses and associated treatments have.


Consider Hiring Home Care Providers

Elderly care providers can be instrumental in assisting your senior with mobility concerns. They can also teach you how to help your elderly family member to move, how to transfer her from a bed to a wheelchair, and so much more. With their help, you can do all of these things without hurting yourself, which is an excellent way for you to take yourself out of the caregiving arena. The more that you learn, the safer both you and your senior can be.


Give Yourself Plenty of Space

As important as it is to respect your senior’s emotional health at this time, you need to respect your own as well. Caring for an elderly family member who needs help with the smallest movements can be extremely tasking for you, so you need to take respite time as often as you can. When you find that you’re feeling more frustrated than usual or that you’re resenting what you need to do each day, you’re overdue for time away.

Your senior may have permanent issues with mobility or find that these problems come and go as her health changes. Regardless, it’s important for you to have a plan for what to do if mobility concerns become an even bigger issue than they have been.


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Call for Assistance: (404) 266-8773 or (800) 989-7828

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