If your senior or loved one is receiving their elderly care at home and you are looking for unique ways to get them up and moving, look no further.


Elderly Care in Brookhaven GA: Senior Exercise

Elderly Care in Brookhaven GA: Senior Exercise


Exercise is vital for all of us, and especially for seniors who may be more likely to spend their time alone at home and away from social interaction. It isn’t always easy to entice our seniors to get up and get physical, as they become comfortable and set in their ways. Many also like to adhere to a strict schedule and might be wary of changing up their normal daily routine.

We have come up with a list of 5 great ways that your senior parent or loved one can get their physical activity in, and have fun doing it! Consider asking some of their friends or neighbors to join them if they are insecure about doing new things alone, or join them yourself to bond and make memories that will last a lifetime and get you both moving.


1. Dance classes

Dancing is something many seniors are quite fond of, and there are many different types of dance styles to choose from. Incorporating physical movement and music can be very enjoyable as well, and helps to keep both the mind and the body active.


2. Aerobics

Many seniors enjoy a good aerobic class with peers their own age. You can find aerobics classes held in gym facilities as well as water aerobics, which may be a good choice and more gentle for seniors who have issues with their joints or arthritis.


3. Yoga

Yoga classes are easily found in most places and offer a wide variety of types to choose from. It puts people into a relaxed state and also helps with flexibility by gently stretching the muscles of the body while incorporating breathing techniques.


4. Martial Arts

Martial arts classes also combine coordination of the mind and body working together as one, and even seniors can enjoy a quieter, more slow-paced style of martial arts such as Tai Chi.


5. Technology

You can also utilize the latest technology to encourage your senior to be more active and get some physical activity in every single day. Pedometers both wearable on the body and the wrist have come a long way in recent years, and make walking and counting your steps a lot more motivating and fun. There are also groups that your senior can compete against if you have a parent or loved one who is on the competitive side.

If your senior has mobility issues keeping them from moving around too much, look online to see if there are any videos that they can watch to encourage movement even from a chair or bed.


Any time your senior is thinking about starting a new exercise routine, make sure to talk to their doctor or medical professional to be sure they are cleared to do so and ask about any physical limitations with their elderly care that they should consider.


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