After hip or knee surgery, your mom’s doctor recommends that she start using a mobility walker. She may regain full mobility if she does everything that’s recommended, but for her safety, a walker is best for now. How do you set up her home to make it easier to get around when a walker is needed?


Elderly Care in Atlanta GA: Preparing Your Mom's Home

Elderly Care in Atlanta GA: Preparing Your Mom’s Home


Examine Entryways

Examine the main entrances to the home. Is the door wide enough? Are there are a lot of stairs. If there are lots of stairs, your mom may have a hard time getting up and down those stairs. A ramp may be easier for her to manage.

A high sill on her front door or patio door could be a problem, too. If needed, build a small incline to reach the sill. If she has the body strength to lift her walker up a level, she may be fine without any changes. Ask her for her opinion.


Measure Doorways

Doorways should be at least 34 inches to accommodate a mobility walker. If your mom has doorways that are narrower than that, it could be a problem. Most modern homes have wider doorways, but an older home may have a 24, 28, or 30-inch door. If that is the case, moving through the entry will be a challenge.

Widening the opening is the best solution. It’s going to cost money as you need a contractor to reframe and hang a new door. You might be able to widen the doorway using swing-free hinged doors. That will add a couple of inches of space in most cases.


Move or Remove Furniture

Move furniture to make wider paths for your mom as she walks from one room to another. Some furniture may need to be removed and put into storage, sold, or given away.

Check every room for furniture placement. The living room, path to a bathroom, kitchen/dining room, and bedroom are key areas to focus on.


Remove Scatter Rugs

If there are scatter rugs in the home, get rid of them. They could snag a walker’s leg or wheel and lead to a fall. If they’re covering a hole or rip in a carpet, replace the carpeting. Non-slip vinyl flooring is an affordable, DIY flooring that can save money on installation.

Would ambulation services help your mom as she learns how to use her walker? Caregivers can come to her home, help her get around the house, and assist with meals and housekeeping tasks. If she needs help getting out of bed, in and out of a bath or shower, and up and down the stairs, home care is perfect.

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