Whether you are new to family caregiving or you’ve been at it for several years now, you can benefit from all the information available during November and National Family Caregivers Month.

 Elderly Care in Alpharetta GA: National Family Caregivers Month

Elderly Care in Alpharetta GA: National Family Caregivers Month


The daily grind of caregiving can lead to chronic stress, with can lead to serious health issues for you. Among the many pieces of information, you can get from National Family Caregivers Month is how to take better care of yourself and find ways to balance your needs with those of your elderly loved one.


Here are just a few ways that family caregivers like you can focus on their physical, social and emotional needs so they can provide outstanding service to their aging relative without sacrificing their health and wellness:


-Find a way to vent your feelings in a healthy way. Many family caregivers turn to journal writing, therapy or confiding in a trusted friend.

-Connect with your inner self via prayer, meditation or mindfulness exercises. Studies show that such activities help people find deeper meaning in their lives.

-Learn what it takes to help you relax after a hard day. It can be difficult to wind down but relieving stress is incredibly important to your health and wellness.



Recognize the symptoms of depression and get yourself some medical help if you are experiencing them.

    • Make socializing a priority and set time aside for your friends.
    • Never give up activities and hobbies that are important to you and bring you joy.
    • Spend time nurturing your closest relationships with a spouse, family member or dear friend.
    • Avoid isolation and join a family caregiver support group to interact with people who know just what you are going through.
    • Exercise regularly to keep your body fit and healthy.
    • Eat nutritious meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
    • Steer clear of excessive alcohol consumption as it is easy to slip into substance abuse to deal with stress.
    • Plan on getting as much deep, restful sleep as possible for maximum energy.
    • Family caregivers that can incorporate these stress-busters will be more successful in their caregiving efforts and less likely to burn out.


One way to ensure that you will always be able to have some time to yourself without too much worry is to hire a home care provider.
These professionals are trained in how to work with elderly adults and help them with any tasks they need. Home care providers can assist seniors with a number of self-care tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. Around the house, home care providers can do light housework, laundry and meal preparation. Some home care providers even include transportation services to take elderly adults to appointments and run errands.

You’ll have a reliable, skilled and compassionate home care provider to be with your elderly relative so you can take the time to manage your other responsibilities and get some well-deserved time for yourself. National Family Caregivers Month is the ideal time to refocus on what you need so you can be the best caregiver possible.


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