Life tends to get away from everyone and small changes sometimes take time to get noticed. That can easily be the case with your senior and her situation. What small or large changes are you noticing and do these changes mean your senior needs more help?


Elderly Care in Alpharetta GA: Senior Needs More Help



She’s Eating Differently

What your elderly family member eats and when she’s eating, if she is at all, can tell you a lot about how she is doing. Is she cooking for herself or is she relying a lot on takeout or microwave meals? That’s important, because her health depends on how she’s fueling her body. These are all really vital details to investigate further if it’s not obvious to you.


She Looks a Little Different

If your elderly family member seems to look a little different than usual, you might have a tough time putting your finger on why. There are subtle details like she’s never in the same outfit twice, that may have you wondering. This could mean she’s having a tough time keeping up with things like laundry, so she’s buying new clothing instead. Or maybe she’s wearing her hair differently or she’s wearing a hat or scarf all the time. That could be an indication that she’s having a tough time washing her hair.


Her Home Doesn’t Seem the Same

What does your senior’s house look like? Is it neat and tidy or does it look messy or dirty? What’s really important in this equation is how her home typically tends to look. If her home looks dramatically different now, there’s a reason for that. There may be physical difficulties she’s facing or she may have trouble managing her energy levels. Regardless of the reasons, she needs some help.


Her Activities Have Changed

What is your senior doing for fun and relaxation? Or at all? Have her activity levels changed significantly? This can be a huge indicator that all is not as well in your senior’s world as you think and hope. These activities might be large social activities or even just small choices about what she does for fun at home, whether that’s reading or engaging in some other activity.

When you’re noticing these changes, it’s a good time to find out if some extra help would make a difference. Home care providers can help you to spot whether some of these issues might even be an indication of some bigger concern.


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