Post-traumatic stress disorder is something that anyone can experience. Older adults especially are likely to experience PTSD due to at least one event earlier in their lives. Managing that PTSD on top of the other situations that your senior faces due to aging can be a big challenge.


Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA: PTSD

Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA: PTSD


Hear What She Has to Say if She’s Willing to Talk

Sometimes people are willing and able to talk about situations that create trauma for them, but sometimes they aren’t. If your elderly family member is willing to talk, just listening to her can be one of the most powerful things that you can do for her. Your support can make a huge difference and help her to feel less alone. Isolation can play a big part in PTSD, so doing all that you can to help your senior to know that she’s loved and that she has support is huge.


Make Sure She Feels Safe

Safety goes a long way also toward helping someone experiencing PTSD to feel less threatened overall. There are levels of safety that are important to consider. Listening to her and hearing what she needs is one level, of course, but there are others, too. Feeling physically safe, or knowing that she’s not alone at home, can all be important, too. Elder care providers can be there for your senior when you can’t be to ensure that she does feel as safe as possible.


Talk to Your Senior about Her Triggers

Most people who experience PTSD also have triggers, or precipitating events, that can bring the original trauma right back for them. Avoiding these triggers is typically a good idea, but you have to know what they are in order to do that properly. Your elderly family member may not know what all of her triggers are, either, which can make this more complicated for you both.


Consider Talk Therapy

If your elderly family member is willing, she can work with a talk therapist, that can give her and you valuable insights into what she’s experiencing and how to help her effectively. Finding the right therapist is an important task and your elderly family member may find that she knows immediately whether she’s working with the right person or not.

It’s not always easy to talk about traumatic events. It’s also important to remember that there are situations that can cause trauma that might seem to you to be small. That doesn’t mean those events were small or easily forgotten by your senior.


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