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How Healthy Aging Month Can Help Your Elderly Loved One

When elderly adults focus on healthy living, it can make a real difference in how well they handle illness, chronic pain, and stress. When dealing with the ups and downs of life, an elderly person will be healthier and happier when they focus on healthy aging. September is Healthy Aging Month, the perfect time for elderly Americans and their family members to learn what it takes be healthy as they grow older.


Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA: Senior Healthy Living

Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA: Senior Healthy Living


Senior Health Can Be Challenging

Elderly adults are more likely to deal with health-related challenges in their lives. They have a higher risk of developing illnesses and chronic conditions that affect the body. Diseases like arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and dementia are all more common in seniors. While elderly adults can’t control many of the health issues that happen to them, they can be proactive in areas that have a profound effect.


Having a support group that helps when they need it most is quite important for elderly adults that wish to embrace healthy aging practices. Family caregivers and close friends that interact with the senior daily provide motivation, encouragement and frequent help. For aging adults that cannot take care of themselves, many family members hire a home care provider. The home care provider works in the home to help the elderly adult with self-care, housekeeping, meal preparation and more.


Key Factors in Healthy Aging

When an elderly adult and their family caregiver focus on healthy aging, there are many different things they can do. The first thing is to take a closer look at the senior’s diet. Reduce the intake of heavily processed food, sugar, salt, and fat. Increasing the number of whole grains, low-fat dairy, vegetables, fruits, and nuts has a big impact on an aging person’s health and wellness. Nutrients help the body function properly and resist germs and disease.


Another important factor in healthy aging is for seniors to stay active. No matter what physical condition they are in, aging adults can engage in some form of physical activity. One of the easiest things to do is walk for 30 minutes every day, even with the support of a family caregiver or home care provider. Other effective activities include yoga, tai chi, chair aerobics, water exercises and stretches. Behavioral research shows that elderly Americans who exercise several times per week have better circulation, improved balance, a more robust immune system, and healthier lungs, brain, and heart.


Mental health should also be included in any healthy aging plan for seniors.
Chronic loneliness and stress, often stemming from isolation and grief, can lead to anxiety and depression in the elderly. Studies show that seniors who battle with mental health issues are more likely to experience physical health problems due to the higher levels of stress hormones in the body. Chronic stress has even been linked to early deaths in the elderly. Family caregivers can ensure their aging loved one has proper companionship via a home care provider and making outings and social events a priority.

Although September is Healthy Aging Month, placing a focus on an elderly relative’s overall health and wellness is a year-round responsibility.


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