It can be hard for caregivers to keep their older family members involved during the holiday season. It’s sad to think they might feel left out or unable to celebrate like the rest of the family. However, no matter what the senior’s condition is, there are ways for caregivers to involve them in holiday activities. Below are some ideas for caregivers to do with older adults this holiday season.


Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA: Holiday Ideas for Caregivers and Seniors

Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA: Holiday Ideas for Caregivers and Seniors


Go to a Holiday Movie

Sure, you can watch movies at home, but going to a movie theater makes it special. Even seniors in wheelchairs can go to the movie theater, making the outing possible even for those with physical disabilities. Choose the latest holiday movie to make the outing related to the season. To make the day even more special, consider going out for a meal together or stopping for hot chocolate on the way home.


Wrap Gifts

Gift wrapping is an activity that caregivers can modify to include seniors in. Even if the older adult can’t do much wrapping on their own, they might enjoy choosing wrapping paper for each gift and the bow to put on it. They might also be able to hand you strips of tape or write out gift tags.


Bake Holiday Treats

Most families have traditional foods they eat during the holidays. Caregivers can involve older adults in cooking, letting them do as much as they can independently. Even seniors with dementia can help. You might ask them to stir ingredients in a bowl or put sprinkles on cookies.


Go Shopping

Caregivers can help seniors to do their own gift shopping by driving them to stores and assisting them with choosing gifts. If the older adult has difficulty going to stores, consider a day of online shopping. It can be just as fun. For some, it’s even better since it can be done while wearing comfortable pajamas and sipping a cup of tea or coffee.


Make or Hang Decorations

If the older adult enjoys crafting, you might make some new holiday decorations together. Find a craft that works for the senior’s ability and make it together. Be sure to place the new decoration in a prominent place, so the older adult can show it off to visitors. If the senior doesn’t care for making things, they might still enjoy putting up their traditional decorations. Caregivers can enhance the activity by encouraging the senior to reminisce about their favorite ornaments and the stories behind them.


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