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What Types of COPD Triggers Should You Help Your Senior Avoid?

When your senior has COPD, there are some environmental factors that can make breathing much more difficult for her and can even be an entry to illness. These are called triggers and it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about what can trigger your senior’s COPD to worsen.


Elder Care in Roswell GA: COPD Triggers

Elder Care in Roswell GA: COPD Triggers


Secondhand Smoke

Even if your senior used to smoke in the past, being around smoke now is not very good for her lungs. If possible, make sure that she steers clear of secondhand smoke as much as possible. Family members who smoke should do so outside or preferably completely away from your elderly family member’s home.


Germs are a big problem for someone with COPD because her lungs are already susceptible to damage and to illness. It’s really easy for germs that haven’t been a problem for you or for other, healthy family members to infect your senior’s lungs and give her a bout of pneumonia. Practice good hygiene and hand washing to help reduce the impact of germs on your aging family member’s lungs.

Air Pollution

If you live in an area that is particularly smoggy, you likely already know how irritating air pollution can be even for someone with healthy lungs. It’s a good idea to regularly check air quality in your area. The Air Now website can help you to determine air quality in your area and there are a variety of apps that can send you alerts as well.


Allergens, particularly seasonal allergens, can be just as troublesome as germs and smoke can be. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether allergy medications might be the right answer for your senior. Some allergens can be avoided by increasing the frequency with which you clean, so it might be helpful to hire home care providers who can help with that increase.

Fragrances and Strong Scents

You might not realize it yourself, but sometimes fragrances and scents can be a problem for people who have lung issues. Air fresheners, candles, and even some perfumes can create a reaction that makes breathing difficult. Do what you can to limit the number of fragrances in your senior’s home, particularly if they compete with each other.

Avoiding these triggers can feel complicated at first. Consider hiring home care providers who can help you to stay on top of cleaning and other daily tasks that can reduce exposure to these and other triggers. They can also help you to manage other aspects of your elderly family member’s care.

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