An elderly adult may be confined to a bed for a variety of reasons.
Your senior may have had to undergo a medical procedure such as surgery, they could have suffered an injury or may be recovering from an illness. Whatever reason is causing your senior to not be able to leave their bed, as a family caregiver, one of your most important priorities during this time will be managing their health needs and challenges, including taking care of their skin. Being in bed for a long stretch of time can cause a variety of risks to their skin, which can put their overall health and well-being at risk.


Some ways you can keep your senior’s skin healthy when they cannot leave bed include:

-Make sure their skin stays clean. Even though they won’t be able to take a conventional bath or shower often, it is still important to clean their skin regularly. This can mean using rinse-free products or offering sponge baths when possible. This is particularly important for an elderly adult who struggles with incontinence.

-It is important to keep the skin from becoming excessively moist in areas such as the groin or under the arms, as this can lead to damage and injury to the skin, which can make you’re senior vulnerable to illness and infection. Use cornstarch powder to absorb moisture and reduce friction.

-Elderly skin tends to be much drier and vulnerable than that of younger adults. Make sure your parent’s skin does not become excessively dry and brittle by applying high-quality moisturizer regularly.

-Reduce the risk of bedsores by helping your parent move and change positions frequently. This takes pressure off areas of the body and reduces friction on the skin. Consider using cushions to prop your parent in different positions to relieve pressure, especially from areas such as the heels, elbows, and hips.

-Examine your senior’s skin regularly to detect problems that might indicate bedsores are forming. If you notice areas that are red, swollen, tender, or hot, remove pressure from these areas and take careful care of them to stop the degrading of the skin and prevent open sores.


The personalized, respectful care of a home care provider can be tremendously beneficial for a senior who needs help with personal or sensitive needs. Many elderly adults who have challenges handling their personal care needs experience emotional reactions and may be resistant to an adult child helping them. An in-home senior care services provider, however, is in neutral professional that can offer dignified care that ensures their needs are managed while preserving their privacy and encouraging independence.


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