Walking safely for exercise can cover more ground than you think and it’s always important for your senior to be as safe as possible. These tips can help you to make sure you’re looking at as many different aspects of walking safety as possible.


Elder Care in Peachtree Corners GA: Senior Walking Safety

Elder Care in Peachtree Corners GA: Senior Walking Safety


Walking with Someone Might Be a Good Idea

Any time that your elderly family member can walk with someone else, that’s a good idea. She’s got company that way and she’s also got assistance if something should go wrong. She might want to walk with friends, but that’s not always possible. If other people aren’t available to walk with your senior, she might just give up on daily walks. That’s where elder care providers can help in a way you might not have expected. They can offer companionship and support while your senior gets the exercise she needs.

She Doesn’t Need Special Gear

Something your elderly family member might not expect is that she doesn’t need any kind of special workout gear in order to get walking. She does need some supportive shoes that fit her well, but that’s pretty much the biggest requirement. When you do go looking for shoes, make sure that they don’t rub her feet or slip off. They should also have rubber non-slip soles that offer her good support.

She Needs to Be Aware

If your elderly family member is walking at home on a treadmill or even in place, she needs to have some awareness of her surroundings. She needs to make sure she doesn’t inadvertently walk herself into a piece of furniture and that her treadmill is in good working order. But there’s a lot more to watch out for if your senior is walking in her neighborhood.

She Needs to Be Super Aware

Looking before she crosses the street is part of what your senior needs to do while walking, but her own circumstances can require more of her. If she uses assistive tools or devices, she needs to be careful about how she uses them when she’s out walking. This is a very good time to ensure that your elderly family member is always using her assistive devices properly.


Always talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about exercise plans, especially if this is a new idea for your senior. There may be some limitations that her doctor would like her to adhere to, and that’s another important aspect of safety.


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