Being a caregiver is tough enough without your internal critic beating you up all the time. No caregiver does everything perfectly every time. So if that’s what you’re having a tough time doing, you might need to break your bad self-talk habits with some of these ideas.


Elder Care in Peachtree Corners GA: Caregiver Tips

Elder Care in Peachtree Corners GA: Caregiver Tips


Pay Attention to What You Say to Yourself

Very often people don’t even notice what they’re saying to themselves with internal self-talk. If you’re the one beating yourself up constantly, then it’s no wonder that you have a tough time seeing what you do right. The first step is to notice what you’re doing. When you get a handle on that, you can start to put other steps in place that can help to undo the damage.


Get Yourself Out of the Moment

When you hear your internal talk turning unpleasant, get yourself out of that moment. Find something else to focus on. Some people find it helpful to throw themselves into a distraction right away, by saying an affirmation or using a specific activity. You might even try using meditation techniques at that moment. Whatever gets you into another thought process can help.


Don’t Fall into the Comparison Trap

If you’re comparing yourself to other people, that’s a recipe for disaster. You can learn an awful lot from other caregivers and you probably should find ways to talk to other caregivers in a support group setting. But if you’re comparing yourself to them and find yourself coming out on the short end of the comparison, that’s a problem. You’re a unique person and caregiver in your own right. Give yourself that space.


List Your Accomplishments

It’s really difficult to keep focusing on the negative if you’re listing out the positives more often. Take some time every day to spend a little bit of your energy remembering what you’ve done that day that worked. Keep an actual list somewhere that you can refer to often. Then, when you’re feeling less than positive toward yourself, you can go back and look at your list again. You might not even realize all that you do well.


If others are judging you as a caregiver, you might know how to respond. It’s a lot different when you’re the harshest critic that you’re facing. It’s time to go a little easier on yourself so that you can focus on giving the best care that you can to your senior.


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