If you are a family caregiver to someone with dementia, there are numerous resources available that could help you and your loved one. One of the things that you might need help with is being able to reduce negative emotions in your elderly loved one. While everyone has negative emotions from time to time, those with dementia often have them much more often. The good news is that there are tips that can help you to reduce the number of negative emotions your elderly loved one has and increase the positive emotions they have.


Elder Care in Marietta GA: Reduce Negative Emotions


Focus on Their Surroundings

Sometimes people who have dementia will have negative reactions to their surroundings. For instance, if your elderly loved one doesn’t have great lighting in their home, they might see shadows on their walls. These could cause your elderly loved one to feel overwhelmed. Be sure that you are keeping the rooms in your loved one’s home well-lit. If they have elder care providers that care for them, have these providers do the same things. If you take your elderly loved one to an environment they are unfamiliar with, be sure it isn’t too overwhelming for them. You can do this by making sure you don’t take them someplace that is too loud or chaotic. If you make sure your elderly loved one’s surroundings are not overwhelming, they are less likely to have negative emotions.


Pain Level

Your elderly loved one might not be able to tell you that they are in pain. They might be sitting in a chair that hurts their neck and back. They might have stomach pains after they eat a certain type of meal. Your elderly loved one might be living with chronic pain after a fall or other type of injury. If you suspect that your elderly loved one is in pain, ask them to talk about it. The questions that you ask should be able to be answered with yes or no. For instance, you could say. “Does your lower back hurt?”, instead of saying “Tell me about your back pain.” If your elderly loved one can respond easily, this could help to reduce their negative emotions.


Not Getting Enough Sleep

Anyone who doesn’t get enough sleep is likely to have negative emotions. If your elderly loved one isn’t getting enough sleep, this could be causing them to feel depressed, angry, irritated, anxious, and overwhelmed. They might lash out at your and their elder care providers. It is important to figure out why your loved one isn’t getting enough sleep, so you can find the right solutions. Once they start getting the proper amount of sleep, they will be less likely to act out in a negative manner.

These are some of the tips for reducing negative emotions in your elderly loved one if they have dementia. Hopefully, when implementing these tips, you can help your elderly loved one to be happier, more in control of their emotions, and less overwhelmed.

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