To make sure time with a caregiver is a success, you need to make sure your dad is comfortable with his caregivers. How do you do that? Home care services are beneficial when they’re not overwhelming him and making him feel useless. These tips can help get you started.


Elder Care in Dunwoody GA: Make Sure Your Dad is Comfortable



Have Him Spend Time With a Friend

Does your dad have a friend or family member who has a caregiver? Ask if your dad can talk to that person about his or her experience. If your dad hears what it’s like from someone he trusts, he’ll have a better idea of what to expect. That can be a comfort.


Arrange Services That You Know He Needs

Don’t have a caregiver doing things your dad likes to try to do on his own. If he still likes to do his laundry, hire the caregiver to do the housework while he does laundry. If he likes to cook but cannot chop vegetables without difficulty, have the caregiver do the prep work while your dad cooks.

If he realizes the caregiver is not there to take over, he’ll start to be more comfortable. You may find he asks the caregiver for additional help. If that happens, you can adjust the hours or services he gets to meet his new needs.


Involve Him in the Process

When you call a home care agency to make arrangements, let your dad be involved. If he has questions, allow him to ask them. If he’s not certain of an answer, make sure he gets the clear answer so that he understands the process and rules.


Stick Around for the First Day

On the first day the caregiver is there, stick around without getting in the way. You could work in your dad’s den or a spare bedroom. You’re in the house, but you’re out of the way. If there are questions, the caregiver knows where to find you. If your dad is agitated, you’re there to help.

As you find the caregiver and your dad getting along, start taking trips. Run errands or go for a drive. When you return, you can ask how your dad is adjusting.

When you’re hiring caregivers for your dad, you need to take time to make sure he’s comfortable. Involve him in the process. It will go better and he’ll appreciate having a voice when it comes to choosing his caregivers. Let him ask questions when you make arrangements for home care services.

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