When you put together a plan for taking respite time, you’re going to experience far more success from it. Being a caregiver means caring for yourself, too, and respite care allows you to do that.


Elder Care in Atlanta GA: Caregiver Respite Time

Elder Care in Atlanta GA: Caregiver Respite Time


Keep Your Senior Involved in the Process

This is definitely something that you and your senior can work on together. Keeping your senior involved in this process helps her to avoid feeling as if you’re only trying to get away from her. Respite time is about way more than that and if your senior is invested in the process of planning for respite, then she’ll be able to enjoy this time, too.


Figure out What You Need

It helps to know as much as possible about what you need. If your senior has special needs, then her elder care providers need to be aware of that in advance. There may be some things that you need to manage or put in place before anyone arrives that will make everything run smoothly while you’re gone.


Keep Yourself Organized

Handing over care for a few hours to someone else is so much easier on everyone if you’re as organized as you can be. Having a calendar, lists of important numbers and written information sheets help so very much. This helps you to feel as if everything is under control, even when you’re not there. It might feel as if this is too much work, so make these types of things something that you can update easily. This work is worth the effort.


Check in with Your Emotions

If you’re new to taking respite time, you’re going to experience some feelings around that. You might feel guilty or angry at yourself. You might feel resentful that you have to schedule time just to do something you used to do all the time whenever you wanted. Check in with those feelings and work through them so that they don’t derail you.


Stay Positive about Respite Care

You might have family members who don’t understand why you need to get away or you might start to feel as if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Stay positive about this time and stick with your schedule. It’s a positive thing and it’s going to do a lot of good for you and your senior, but you need to stick with it. If you let the negativity take over, you’ll stop.

Once you work out the details, you’re going to wonder how you made it in the past without having home care providers you trust offering you respite time. This is definitely something that you can and should be doing regularly to keep yourself healthy and effective as a caregiver.


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