Pneumonia can create big problems for your senior for longer than either of you might expect. The most dangerous time for her is really while she’s still on the mend because she can catch pneumonia again.


Elder Care in Atlanta GA: Pneumonia Prevention

Elder Care in Atlanta GA: Pneumonia Prevention

Wash Hands Often or Use Hand Sanitizer

One of the easiest ways to become reinfected with pneumonia is for your senior to have pneumonia germs on her hands and then touch her eyes, nose, or mouth. This reintroduces the germs to her body, which is already struggling to rebuild her immune system from the first round. Hand washing is an incredibly effective form of illness prevention. Your senior should wash her hands often, with plain soap, for at least 30 seconds. If she’s not able to wash her hands, hand sanitizer can help until she can get to a sink.

Get Plenty of Rest

Resting is going to be really important for your senior right now. Her body has been working hard to get her well again and it’s in need of recuperation. Resting often allows her body to rebuild its reserves. Even if your elderly family member isn’t sleeping, making sure that she’s using her energy wisely is important.

Stay Hydrated and Use a Humidifier

Water does so much for your senior’s body when she’s healthy, but it’s vital when she’s ill. In the case of pneumonia recovery, water helps to thin mucus, which makes it easier for her body to break it down and expel it. The older your elderly family member is, the longer it takes for her body to recover from the vast amounts of mucus that pneumonia brings with it. Drinking plenty of water and even using a humidifier help her body to do that more effectively.

Take All Medications Prescribed by the Doctor

If your elderly family member is still taking medications, whether that’s an antibiotic or a supplement her doctor has recommended, she needs to take those medications for as long as recommended. There are reasons for those recommendations and your senior will benefit from adhering to her medication routine. Even if she’s starting to feel a lot better, talk to her doctor before she stops taking anything.

One solution that can be extremely helpful for your elderly family member is to have home care providers assisting her in her recovery. They can help her to make sure that she doesn’t overdo it and they can help to ensure she’s taking her medications, resting, and getting proper hydration.


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