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Do You Really Understand the Full Picture of Being a Family Caregiver?

It’s easy to think about providing all the care your family needs. On paper or in your head it sounds easy. When you jump in and provide the senior care services your mom and dad need, it can be overwhelming.

Have you really thought about everything that can and will happen?


Caregiver in Roswell GA: Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Roswell GA: Family Caregiver


Deteriorating Abilities Will Impact You Emotionally

Your mom was sharp and never missed a thing. As an accountant, she could add numbers in her head faster than imagined. She has Alzheimer’s and can’t even tell you the difference between a penny or a dime anymore. When situations like this happen, it can be very hard to watch.

Imagine your dad had a stroke. He can no longer speak without slurring. He can’t move his left arm or leg. He’s in a wheelchair and needs help cleaning himself in the shower or after using the toilet. This is equally hard to watch.


You’ll Have Your Own Rules and Preferences

You have rules in your home. It’s normal. Those rules aren’t the same rules your parents use. They let their dog eat from their plate. You know that’s wrong, but you’re fighting them and getting nowhere.

Your dad likes cranking up the heat in the house to 80. You’re thinking of how much fuel is being wasted being that warm. You want to turn down the thermostat to save money, but he’s upset that you think he can’t manage his finances.

Both of your parents feel it’s okay to leave pizza or Chinese food out on the counter overnight. You want to throw it away to prevent food poisoning, but they refuse to let you. It’s another argument you’ll have to win for their safety, but it’s exhausting trying to convince them.


Caregiver Burnout is a Risk

Providing 24/7 care for a parent is exhausting. It taxes you mentally and physically. If you’ve raised a toddler, you have a bit of an idea of what some days can be like. Different chronic conditions will make this harder and have you facing different challenges.

If you have a job, a family of your own, and friends all vying for your time, you can burn out if you’re not careful. Make sure you’re focusing on your own needs, too. Take time off to go to the movies or run errands by yourself. To do this, look into respite care.

Respite care is an important part of senior care. Hire caregivers to take over and care for your parents while you care for yourself. You need a break from caregiving. Your parents need a break from you. Call a senior care provider to learn more.


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