There are a lot of things that can cause older adults stress.
Some seniors experience stress because they are living on a smaller income than they did when they worked. Others are stressed because of a health problem. They may also worry about losing their independence because of health or infirmity. Some seniors also worry about death.


Caregiver in Peachtree Corners GA: Reducing Senior Stress

Caregiver in Peachtree Corners GA: Reducing Senior Stress


Regardless of what is causing your aging relative stress, it’s important that they find ways to manage it. Stress has been associated with many health problems, including heart disease, a worsening of asthma symptoms, depression, and even premature death. Elder care can help to lower your loved one’s stress levels in many ways, like these 3 described below.


#1: Drive Them to a Yoga Class

An elder care provider can drive your aging relative to a yoga class. Yoga has been associated with stress relief. It’s a combination of three things, physical poses, focused breathing, and meditation. All three of these help with stress reduction. At the same time, your aging relative gets the added benefit of physical exercise. If the older adult isn’t currently exercising regularly, they should see a doctor to ensure they are healthy enough. There are all kinds of yoga classes to choose from, even some classes designed especially for seniors, such as chair yoga that is done sitting down.


#2: Offer a Sense of Security

Because stress in seniors can occur when they feel unsafe alone, having an elder care provider can relieve some of that stress. When an elder care provider is with the older adult, they know they have the care they need to keep them safe. Elder care providers can help them to get up from chairs and walk around the house, so they don’t fall. Seniors with chronic medical conditions may also feel safer with an elder care provider around because there will be someone there to call for help if it is needed.


#3: Better Disease Management

When health is the concern for your aging relative, having an elder care provider can be a great way to help them better manage their condition. One way elder care can do that is by offering medication reminders. Many older adults lose track of whether they have taken medications, sometimes taking double doses by accident. Others forget to take their medication at all. With an elder care provider in the house, you can be certain your aging relative will take medication at the proper times. Elder care providers can also help with disease management by preparing meals that are healthy and conform to any special food guidelines suggested by the doctor.


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