There are unlimited possible causes for a fall, but when you are paying attention to the main ones that are most likely to create a bad situation for your senior, you are doing a lot for fall prevention.


Caregiver in Milton GA: Causes for a Fall

Caregiver in Milton GA: Causes for a Fall


New Issues with Mobility

Your elderly family member may be having new problems getting around, even if she hasn’t really noticed them just yet. These new difficulties around mobility can cause her to be off-balance or to compensate in ways that are difficult for her body to adapt to easily and safely. Watching how your senior walks and how she balances her body is just one way that your senior’s doctor can evaluate her mobility for her.


New Vision or Hearing Problems

Your elderly family member’s hearing and vision matter way more when it comes to avoiding a fall than she might think. Her hearing is directly tied to balance, so that might be less surprising for her. When the inner and middle ear is not functioning well, your senior’s brain isn’t getting the signals it needs in order to keep her balanced properly. Vision issues can cause her to not see potential tripping hazards, but trouble seeing properly can also send incorrect signals to her brain, leaving your senior off balance.


New Contributing Health Issues
Sometimes health conditions brew for a long time with very few symptoms. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, one of the first things that alert anyone to a new health issue could be a fall or an almost-fall. There is a multitude of health conditions that could worsen or develop to the point that they become a fall risk for your senior. Her doctor will use her health history and new tests to see what might be going on.


Problems with Medications

Medication side effects, even for medications your elderly family member has taken for years, can also contribute to a fall. Small changes, like dosages, adding or taking away other medications, or even adjusting the timing of doses can produce big results that your senior doesn’t expect. Body chemistry over time also changes, meaning doses may need to change. Talk to her doctor regularly about her medications and how they’re affecting her overall.

Having someone with her more often, like senior care providers, can be a fantastic way to help your elderly family members spot some of these possible concerns before they cause a fall. Senior care providers can also be incredibly helpful with hands-on safety and household tasks.

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