Washing bedding is a tough spring cleaning task.

Most household machines don’t have the capacity to wash heavy comforters and pillows. It’s often best to go to a public laundromat to use the heavy-duty machines. Sometimes, the comforter’s material requires hand washing or dry cleaning. Read labels to know the best way to clean the items.


Caregiver in Marietta GA: Disinfect Your Seniors Bedding

Caregiver in Marietta GA: Disinfect Your Seniors Bedding


If your dad is prone to allergies, you will want to disinfect and clean his comforter and pillows at least twice a year. Sheets should be changed and disinfected weekly. If he has pets that sleep in his bed, you may want to do this most often. When it comes to disinfecting them, bleach is handy. Bleach will dull bright colors and may damage some materials. What else can you use?


Go With Hot Water

Check the care instructions on the comforter and pillows. If it’s okay, set the machine to hot water. Hot water is going to do a better job killing dust mites. It is also going to disinfect better than cold or warm water.


Use White Vinegar

The acetic acid in white vinegar can kill bacteria and germs. Add a cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine. This way the vinegar is added only on the final rinse cycle and helps disinfect the bedding.


Wash With Borax

Use Borax powder instead of laundry detergent. Borax is a mild disinfectant. It also acts as an anti-fungal detergent. You’ll find it in grocery and department stores. Pair Borax with a second item like vinegar for excellent disinfection.


Try Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

Lysol makes a laundry sanitizer that claims to kill 99.9 percent of germs. It contains no bleach, so you can use it on colored items. Add the sanitizer to the fabric softener compartment where it will get used during the rinse cycle. It’s pet-friendly, safe for kids, and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.


Fully Dry Items

Make sure the comforter and pillows are fully dry. You don’t want any remaining moisture to develop mildew. If necessary, hang them outside in bright sunlight after a round in the clothes dryer. The sun will help evaporate any remaining moisture. The UV rays also help with disinfecting.

Keeping your dad’s home dusted, swept, and mopped will keep dust from building up. It may be too much work as your dad gets older. If that’s the case, it’s a good time to discuss elder care services. He can have a caregiver stopping by once a week to clean his home for him. Call an elder care agency to schedule services.


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