Unfortunately, seniors have more accidents in their own homes than anywhere else. Because of physical limitations, the aging adults struggle with completing daily tasks because their strength, stamina, and coordination are usually compromised in some way.


Caregiver in Johns Creek GA: Challenging Daily Activities

Caregiver in Johns Creek GA: Challenging Daily Activities


Many of the problems stem from the physical obstacles they face and the inadequacy of the home environment to suit their diminished abilities. In most cases, they try to hard or push themselves in ways that endanger themselves because there is nobody else to rely on.

If they are left alone, they could face too many challenging daily activities that could actually bring them harm. Examples include slip and fall accidents, burning themselves on the stove, failing to prepare healthy meals and struggling with hygiene issues. Of course, you help our aging loved one as best you can when you are with them. However, you most likely won’t be able to be by their side all day, every day. One of the best solutions to the dilemma is to hire a home care provider to look after your aging relative.

Home care providers are professionals with the experience, training and compassion to work with seniors in their own homes. They can handle all kinds of situations, daily activities and tasks that are important to the day-to-day health and wellness efforts of seniors. If you want to help your aging relative in maintaining the highest quality of life possible as a dependent in their own home, consider hiring a home care provider.


Here are some areas where elderly adults can usually use the help of a home care provider:

Housekeeping: One of the first area’s seniors neglect is housekeeping. They simply cannot do basic tasks such as changing light bulbs, vacuuming, doing dishes and cleaning bathrooms. When light housekeeping is beyond their capacity, home care providers can do it for them.

Hygiene and Grooming: Most accidents and injuries to seniors take place in their own bathrooms, so having home care providers present for showering, bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming is a big step toward staying safe. Proper hygiene is important in staying healthy, too, so high standards in this area are best for your aging loved one.

Medication Management: Most likely, your elderly relative takes several different types of medication. Studies show that medication mismanagement in seniors is a leading cause of health complications. Home care providers cannot administer medication but can help seniors keep track and give reminders about it.

Meals and Snacks: Coordination and stamina are necessary for preparing healthy meals and snacks, but when seniors opt for processed or unhealthy food, their health suffers. Elderly adults commonly suffer from malnutrition and dehydration, but a home care provider can eliminate that problem and prepare healthy snacks and meals.

Hiring a home care provider to take over the challenging daily activities for seniors is wise and many family caregivers are doing it as a way to keep their loved one safe and healthy at home.


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