Quite a lot of changes for your senior as she ages and much of that can affect her ability to keep doing things she’s done for years, like driving. These are just a few of the issues that can change your senior’s ability to keep driving. There may be more that affects her more strongly.


Caregiver in Dunwoody GA: Senior Driving

Caregiver in Dunwoody GA: Senior Driving


Vision and Hearing Changes

Your senior’s ability to drive does hinge on her ability to both see and hear what’s going on around her. If her vision and hearing are changing, that might mean that she’s not as able to avoid obstacles or do what she needs to do behind the wheel. The bottom line is that those senses help her to collect information about driving and without that information, she’s less safe a driver than she used to be.


Changes with Pain or Muscle Weakness

If your elderly family member has lost muscle tone or is experiencing muscle weakness, that can cause difficulties when she’s trying to control the car, press the pedals, and do so much else during the course of driving. Pain can be just as much of a problem when doing these activities since it can cause her to be unable to fully use her muscles. There may be solutions for both of these issues, but you’ll need to talk to her doctor.


Reflexes Aren’t as Fast as They Were

Among the things that are slowing down, you can also include your senior’s reaction time. The inputs aren’t getting to your senior’s brain as quickly as they did in the past and then there’s also the fact that she’s not able to respond as quickly as she used to. That can mean that it takes her longer to even begin to hit the brakes when she needs to slow down or stop and that can be a big problem.


Driving Is All about Multi-tasking

There’s a lot about driving that involves handling multiple tasks at the same time. It’s difficult enough to multitask when you’re comfortable at home. Add the stress of being behind the wheel of a vehicle and the stress of multi-tasking can be too much for your senior. If she’s having trouble balancing other tasks at the same time, driving may be getting incredibly difficult, too.


It’s much easier to talk to your senior about stopping driving if you have other alternatives for her. Senior care providers can handle the driving for her, which gives her the opportunity to still get out and about but safely. Your elderly family member might not like this option at first, so it can help to ask her to at least give it a try.


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