For seniors receiving home care, staying organized and on top of things such as medication, household chores, and paperwork is important, but it’s not always a priority. Ensuring that your senior parent or loved one practices good organization skills may help enable them to concentrate on more important things and be less likely to lose things or have medication mix-ups or other events that can be compounded by clutter and by not having a neat space to live in.


Caregiver in Dunwoody GA: Senior Organization

Caregiver in Dunwoody GA: Senior Organization


If you or your senior parent getting home care are overwhelmed by the thought of taking time to clean up their home or put practices in place to create a better, more organized way of living, this list may help you begin to start the process.

Instead of trying to do everything at once, pick one or 2 things per week that sound reasonable and try to get your senior on board by explaining to them how getting more organized will help them in their daily life.


1. Get a shredder. Having a shredder in a high-traffic area where it is more likely to be used will help to remind your senior to get rid of unessential mail and paperwork instead of letting it pile up or get lost around the house.

2. Get a file cabinet. For paperwork and important documents that you need your senior to hold onto, get a filing cabinet so they have a place to neatly and safely store valuable papers and know where to find them every time.

3. Medication help. If your senior has trouble remembering to take their medications, consider a pill organizer. They have them by the week or even the month. And while you are at it, clean out that medicine cabinet and find a safe and approved way to get rid of expired medications.

4. Have a cleaning day. If you always say you are going to take a day to clean out the basement, garage, or another area of your senior’s home that needs some serious attention but never do it, schedule it now! Put on some music, make lunch with your senior, and get down to business.

5. Pictures. Are old family photos collecting dust in cardboard boxes in your senior’s basement? Get them out and organized by putting them into albums, frames, or your senior may even want to make a scrapbook with them.

6. Have a garage sale. If your senior isn’t excited about getting rid of knick-knacks and other items collecting dust around their home, maybe money is a motivator! Pop up a table and have a garage sale, letting them keep the proceeds of course.

7. Clean out the fridge and pantry. It’s a good idea to regularly pitch the items in the back of the pantry and fridge, and you’ll be surprised how much more room you can create when you do, and probably by what you’ll find, too!

8. Clean out closets. Your senior probably has some clothes they no longer need or wear. Consider donating them to an organization your senior admires.

9. Hire help. Hiring home care aides to help your senior is another way to keep them organized. They can help with light housework and encourage your senior to keep up with their newly cleaned up and clutter-free space!



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