More than 300,000 elderly men and women fracture a hip each year and end up in the hospital. Hip fractures are more common in women because of the higher risk of osteoporosis. After a hip fracture, seniors are more likely to decline if they’re not properly supported with elderly care services.


Caregiver in Brookhaven GA: Broken Hip Senior Care Needs

Caregiver in Brookhaven GA: Broken Hip Senior Care Needs


Will Skilled Nursing Care be Needed?

If your mom or dad had hip surgery, most hospitals keep patients for several days of recovery. Your parent will have stitches and dressings that need to be kept clean. You might find a skilled nursing provider is needed for any injected medications and bandage changes. A home care agency can direct you if this level of care is needed.


Improve the Home’s Safety Features

While recovering from a hip fracture, your mom or dad will need additional support. It takes time before the hip is strong enough to get back to regular activities. You’ll need to make the home safe to prevent additional falls.

The shower or bathtub needs non-slip flooring and grab-bars to hold for support. Bath mats on tile floors must have rubberized backing so that they don’t slide. Grab bars also need to go next to the toilet.

If there are long, dimly-lit hallways, grab bars help give your mom or dad something to hold. Brighter lighting is necessary to illuminate any obstacles like pets or furnishings.

Check the railings on the stairs both inside and outside of the home. If they are loose, secure them. If the wood is splintering, sand it and stain or paint it. If sanding isn’t enough, replace any warped or rotted railings.


Hire Help With Elderly Care

After breaking a hip, you must ensure that your parent’s home is set up for the recovery. For the first few weeks, your parent will have a lot of rehab appointments. There will be exercise routines that must be completed each day.

Your parent may not be able to stand for long periods of time at first. It makes it hard to shop, clean the house, and cook meals. Caregivers can help with meals, laundry, and light housework. They can also remind your parent to take prescription medications, complete the rehabilitation exercises, and transportation your parent to appointments.

You may want to provide the care, but you should still arrange care for times when you need a break. Talk to an elderly care specialist as soon as possible to make sure your parent is not home alone while recovering.

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