Family issues don’t tend to just disappear when someone in the family needs more help. But when you’re the primary family caregiver, it might fall to you to keep everyone in line when they want to help. That might mean taking some steps at the beginning.


Caregiver in Alpharetta GA: Avoiding Family Caregiving Issues

Caregiver in Alpharetta GA: Avoiding Family Caregiving Issues



Sort Out Who Handles What

Everybody can’t do everything. Much like a company, someone has to be in charge of the entire situation and other people need to be in charge of a specific part. It’s vital to sort out who is handling what and how they’re going to do that. If you’ve got some family members who don’t live in the area but who still want to help, they can, but they shouldn’t expect to be in charge of transportation, for instance.


Set up an Information System

If there are multiple people wanting to be involved and to help, that’s great. But they need to be updated regularly on what’s going on, especially if they’re only participating in small ways. Family meetings are a great way to do this because you can answer questions and give everyone the same information at the same time. Group chats, even group emails, can also work well.


Bend So You Don’t Break

Compromise is definitely the name of this game, but you’re going to have to be the one to model it most likely. No one else is going to want to be the one to bend, but they’re going to expect you to do so. As you go along, you’ll find both small and large ways to compromise, but make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Delegating tasks, especially to elder care providers, is going to be incredibly helpful.


Learn When to Just Let Go of Some Issues

There’s going to come a time when you have to take a deep breath and just let some things go. If they’re not mission-critical, meaning that they don’t involve compromising on your senior’s health or safety, then it’s better to just let those issues go. Causing an argument over something that truly is a small deal is not worth the fight. And in the end, nobody “wins” those arguments anyway.


It’s incredibly helpful for you to have family members who want to offer a hand. Even if they’re only doing this now and again, it’s helpful. Use that help for good and try to limit the other problems that can crop up.


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