• CARE GIVER WAGES:  Quality Care Giver Wages average about 60% of fees.  The Always-Care task is to find the best caregivers, and when found,  screen them, and if they meet our standards, to retain them. But to retain them, we must pay fair wages.  ALL of our Non-Licensed Care Givers are W-2 Employees, and we must pay many Taxes for them as below.


  •  TAXES: (Federal Taxes) Social Security, Medicare, (State Taxes)  Unemployment, (City Taxes) Business License – City of Atlanta.


  •  INSURANCES: We protect YOU and our Care Givers, with insurances such Malpractice and/or Liability Insurance, Bonding, Workers Compensation Insurance, none of which is paid for by our employees.


  • HIRING & SCREENING OF CARE GIVERS: Always Care constantly has to advertise to recruit Quality Care Givers, due to the increases in our business, and normal staffing turnover.  Before we send our Care Giver to you, she/he must be Interviewed In-Person, Orientated & Trained in Always Care procedures. Reference checked, Skills checked, Criminal Records checked, and though not required, Drug Screened {Always Care is a Georgia  Certified Drug Free Workplace}. Also not required, we do E-Verify to make sure they can legally work.


  •  OFFICE STAFF, STAFF NURSES and MANAGEMENT:  Your care-giver does not just magically show up and care for you!  They were assigned by the staff in our office, with whom you may have talked when if you called us. They work hard to assign Care Givers that have the skills that are matched as closely to your needs as possible.  You will always be able to talk with a Staff member in the office, or one who is On-Call during non office hours. However, Non Care Questions such as Billing or Insurance Information is not available during non office hours.


  •  QUALITY ASSURANCE & NURSE SUPERVISION: Always-Care is Licensed by the State of Georgia, and must pay the State an Annual License Fee. This is good – because the Law and its State Rules, helps to deter non ethical providers from doing business in Georgia. There also are rules about supervision and Required Supervisory Visits to Clients which are not normally billed to the client, but we must always pay our Nurse Supervisors who make the visits.


  • OFFICE EXPENSES & PAPER WORK: This means we need an office to work in and it’s related Expenses; Rent, Telephones, Electricity, Property Taxes, Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Computers & Computer Services, Scheduling, Invoice & Pay Software. We pay our Caregivers, withhold, and submit theirs and our taxes as required by laws. Invoice Clients and Insurance Companies, and handle all of the financial data. In addition we deal with TONS of Healthcare Paperwork.


  • QUALITY & PROFITS: Quality Is Not Free! Cheap is not always the best Medicine in Healthcare. We have to earn our way every day, which is why we do not lock you into any long term contracts. Fair Profits Are Necessary, to maintain our Quality of Care, to provide Quality Care Givers, and keep our Great Management Team all of which is why we have continued to provide,  In-Home and In-Facility Services to Thousands of Georgia Clients.

            SINCE 1974               Taking Care Of Yours … As If They Were Ours ®