Nursing, Personal Care, Companion/Sitter Job Requirements

Thank you for your interest in working with Always-Care Nursing Service (ACNS). Always-Care is the only Nursing Service with the same local ownership which has served thousands of clients in their own homes Since 1974.ACNS is a Temporary Employer of RN‘s LPN‘s, Personal Care Assistants (PCA‘s)(CNA‘s/HHA‘s), Home Managers (HM), Companions (CS) (and Mothers Helpers (MH).

Jobs are Hourly and Live-In, short and long assignments. We try to match your wants with our needs. You are not required to accept any assignment we offer you, however if you do accept an assignment we expect you to do the job well. “ACCEPTANCE IS COMMITMENT” There are NO FEES for you to work for ACNS, and we pay you weekly. Always-Care employees its Care Givers, and you will get a W2 at the end of the year.
Our competitive pay rates vary for each specific assignment. Upon assignment you will be advise of your pay rate for it. We also have a Nurse Supervisor On-Call at all times to support you. In addition you are provided malpractice/general liability insurance, bonded, workers compensation insurance.


Please understand that we may not have exactly what you want right now, but if you are not in our system we will not know what you want, and our needs change by the minute, the hour, the day, and the week. If we don’t have you processed, we can not call you to offer you work! Also, the more flexible you are the more work we can offer to you.

You will need to have a Personal Interview and Orientation which we do at the same time in our office. After that one office visit, we can do almost everything by phone and mail. Print this out and use as a check list, to gather all of your information needed, for the Always Care Nursing Service Interview.

AUTOMOBILE: To get to assignments!
PHONE: To contact you for assignments
UNIFORMS: To present a professional appearance.
NO RECORD or Bad Habits: We do Criminal Records Checks, and we are a Georgia Certified Drug Free Workplace.

Bring with you to the interview the following items for photocopying.
Drivers License (Georgia),
Social Security Card,
Auto Insurance Card or Proof of.
Current Georgia Nursing License, CNA Certificate and any other proof of your Skills & Qualifications.
TB (PPD) Test Results within last year, or Chest X-Ray Results if you have been previously exposed,
5 Year job history – Employers Names – COMPLETE Addresses, INCLUDING Zip Codes, Phone Numbers and NAMES of Supervisors.

Please complete the form below before submitting. If you are not living in the Georgia Area, please do not submit until you have a local address and phone number. We will not contact you out of state. Also if you wish to send additional information (after submitting the completed form), you may send it to —